Automatic and manual: when it comes to making springs we can do automatic or manual.


Many years of experience and high-level design engineering skills enable us to come up with solutions where others can’t.


It is not just a token gesture for us to obtain certification but it is our priority. For your safety.


Our interpretation: achieving the ideal and the optimum even in difficult conditions.

Our products

Optimum solutions for road,
off-road and rail.

We rise to new and special challenges in automotive and railway vehicle manufacture with our very simple and time-honoured philosophy: we just do it. We will find a solution in any operating zone which will really impress you.

Perfect springs for fields, farmland and green spaces.

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery, tractors and combine harvesters often talk to AHLE first when they are looking for the right spring solutions.

What our clients say

My only regret is that we didn’t meet much earlier.

I am glad that we have had such a strong and reliable business partner at our side for many years.

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